User-Continued Design

Inclusive design aims to extend the design process into the designed artifact itself, giving users the ability to continue the design process after the product has “shipped”, in order to adapt the design to better meet their needs. For users, design can become a process of undoing, extending, or changing the design to better match their context, needs and preferences. In this way, inclusive design sustains the design process by encouraging user stewardship through actively supporting its own unexpected, creative, and ongoing redesign by users.

Imagine that a learner has the ability to adapt the appearance of a digital learning resource to be easier to see, and share this adapted version with others. This means that learners are provided with the means to construct, derive and share their own learning materials. As a result, learners become their own teachers and curriculum creators, and the ability to create content is not solely reserved for teachers and experts, hidden behind "authoring" or "administrative" modes.